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About the Race

The Phantom was created to raise money for Animal Rescues in Northern Colorado. Race entry includes a 5K run/walk, entry into the costume contest, a ticket into the famous Bone Chilling Breakfast & the optional Halloween race t-shirt! Kids under 10 eat free and have the opportunity to participate in the kids fun run, face painting & cookie decorating. This is truly a fun for the whole family race!

October 2016:  The seventh annual Phantom 5K ran during beautiful fall weather and with many enthusiastic participants!  Runners of all ages participated and many took home prizes.  The Bone Chilling Breakfast was again quite successful, serving around 1,200.  Exhibitors lined the walls of our Front Range Ballroom.  Thank you to all runners, supporters, exhibitors, volunteers and animals that came out to support our 2016 Phantom 5K!  Not only did we have fun...but we helped support animal rescue which is near and dear to all of our hearts.  See you next year!

October 2015:  The sixth annual Phantom 5K drew our largest attendance to date!  The weather was beautiful and everything went smoothly.  We had 596 registered runners, over 60 kids in the fun run and served between 1,000 and 1,200 for the Bone Chilling Breakfast!  There were 25 exhibitors that participated in our event this year and we'd like to thank each and every one of them...as well as our sponsors!  Without this support, the race could not happen.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do to help us support the wonderful animal rescue groups in Northern Colorado!

October 2014: Fifth Annual Phantom 5K drew a crowd of 1,000 and was the biggest and best race yet! This year the race was changed from the Phantom 4-Miler to the Phantom 5K to accomodate a larger group of run/walkers. We were able to raise $20,000 for the Denkai Animal Sanctuary, Animal House and Larimer Humane Society. We are looking forward to continuing to grow and improve this race in 2015 for the 6th Annual Phantom 4-Miler! 

October 2013: Fourth Annual Phantom 4-Miler drew a crowd of 700 and was simply an outstanding event - we say it every year, but this race keeps getting better! 2014 was no exception and proved to be the best Phantom 4-Miler to date. We were able to raise $15,000 for the Denkai Animal Sanctuary, Animal House and Larimer Humane Society. We are looking forward to continuing to grow and improve this race in 2014 for the 5th Annual Phantom 4-Miler! 

October 2012
: Third Annual Phantom 4-Miler brought out over 400 runners with 19 sponsors and a crowd of dedicated volunteers. This was the biggest race yet and drew in over 650 people for the Bone Chilling Breakfast. The success of the first two years allowed us to expand the number of non-profit organizations that the race benefits. In 2012 the proceeds of $12,000 benefited the Larimer Humane Society, Animal House & the Denkai Animal Sanctuary.

October 2011: Second Annual Phantom 4-Miler takes place with 300 runner plus their friends & families, 6 sponsors and some great volunteers! The race raised $8,000 for the Denkai Animal Sanctuary and two dogs were adopted at the race as well as one dog that recieved sponsorship.

October 2010: Phantom 4-Miler Inaugral Race drew 200 runners and was a Bone Chilling Success! The race raised $6,000 for the Denkai Animal Sanctuary.


Additional information about the organizations this race supports:



Larimer Humane Society was founded in 1969 as an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and provide the responsible care and treatment of animals. As Northern Colorado’s only open-door animal care facility, they provide shelter, medical attention and care to thousands of lost, abandoned, injured, abused, ill and orphaned animals each year. Through their quality adoptions and lost & found services, they place more than 2,800 companion animals into new homes annually and reunite nearly 2,000 stray animals with their grateful owners. For more information on Larimer Humane Society please visit:www.larimerhumane.org


Animal House will provide relief and support to our overburdened shelters. Their goal is to save animals slated for euthanasia due to pet over-population and to give them a second chance at life. It is their goal that the shelter reflects a safe, healthy and clean environment for these animals. Having healthy animals, both physically and mentally, is a priority to Animal House. They ensure this by giving them quality nutrition, daily exercise and fresh air in a sanitary environment. Due to the stress that these animals have experienced, it is important to provide a caring environment that will ease their transition into their new life. For more information on the Animal House please visit: