I just wanted to let you know how much fun my friends and I had at the race this weekend.  I'm an avid runner and I have to say this is one of the best runs I've been to - from the general organization of the event, to the smooth check-in, to the great booths, to the incredible breakfast, we more than got our money's worth.  And, we're pumped the proceeds went to help the animal shelters since we have a rescue dog ourselves.  So, GREAT JOB - keep up the awesome work!



 -Brent & Megan Waugh, and Theo, the rescue dog 


You folks put on a fabulous race, I have enjoyed the last two year and my son AJ has raced in all 3.  Every year it gets better and better, your hard work with organizing is so much appreciated. This is the first year we took our two male boxer’s,  they felt very much spoiled with all the personal contact as well as their 4 legged friends, not to mention all the doggie treats they got after the race. Kudos to you and all the volunteers! Till next year!



Paula Muñoz 


 Thank you so much for such a wonderful race!  Everything was run so smoothly, from registration to the finish line.  Being a parent of two rescue dogs, I absolutely loved all of the venders and the shelters….every table was so well displayed and supported by dog-loving angels.  And being able to dress-up as well as see all of the dogs dressed-up and excited to run, was such a hoot!  And the breakfast was incredible!  I had so much fun…..I cannot wait until next year!



 Loni YvetteGray



 I’ve thought the first year the Phantom 4-miler was held that that was my favorite. But, this year has knocked it out of the park and is now my favorite!!!! It was so nice to be back inside enjoying ourselves while eating at tables. You guys do such a nice job with the vendors, our goodie bags, and the shirts are always so stinkin’ adorable!!!! So, thanks again for such a great job well done! - Amy Stone



 This was our 2nd year to run the Phantom and again wanted to thank you both and all of the other behind the scenes helpers.  We have an extended family of 12 who participate (the number varies on who is in town) but this is our favorite run.  We love the atmosphere and the number of doggies participating.  This year my middle daughter and I brought our 11 week old Portuguese Water Dogs.  They managed quite a bit of the 4-mile distance and cannot wait to have my puppy, Watson, as a running buddy next year.  In the meantime, all the best to you and again thank you!!!! - Laurie Harrison on behalf of Team Sammy and Team Gidget



 WOW…that Phantom 4 Miler was an AWESOME AMAZING FUN day for my whole family!!!! - Shawna


Running has a new young fan after Saturday's Phantom 4-Miler!


Want to let know how much we enjoyed the race on Sat. It is one of our favorite races. Our group grew from four to ten members, and look forward to having a few more friends join us next year. I especially like that the Embassy is pet friendly. Knowing that your fund raising efforts benefit the agencies directly warms our hearts. Looking forward to next years race.- Janie Appleton

This year’s Phantom 4 Miler was definitely the best yet, and you and your team do an amazing job! We loved the opportunity to be a part of this important and fun event. I heard so many wonderful things about this year’s Phantom 4 Miler – the food was fantastic, everyone loved the set-up inside, and the race was terrific and full of energy. Thanks again for all you do to help the animals in our community! - 
Christina Tedesco

Best race of the year!!!  You gals ROCK.  Venue is so classy, chow outstanding, DOGS (!!!!), costume contest, kids race, goody bags, awards…all to be commended.  Love that you raised so much $$$.  It was worth all your hours of hard work.  I'll be back next year. - Cathy Morgan

My husband, friend, and I all participated for the first time in your race this year. We THOROUGHLY enjoyed the event! It was well organized, had great energy, and of course the breakfast was wonderful! I was truly impressed with the Embassy Suite's support throughout the race. And of course, we are so glad it all supports such a great cause! We will definitely be participating again next year. Thank you for all of your hard work! - Amy & Josef Pohl

This was my first year, and I cannot express to you how utterly beautiful and well coordinated this event was. The breakfast alone was worth the entry fee, and the decorations were exquisite!! My kids couldn't stop talking about the "enchanted brooms" on the dance floors. I have been to MANY -- and I mean a ton -- of races and this one just blew me away!! It was FANTASTIC! - Carissa Schildt




I just wanted to mention that the breakfast provided after the race was so amazing!!  There were so many wonderful options that I was really blown away by it.  My friend who came just for the breakfast went and raved about it to a bunch of her friends, and their will be definitely be even more people attending it next year. - David Mound


"Thank you for organizing this event. My family and I participated his year for the first time and cannot wait for next year. To all staff, volunteers, including the police officers....thank you for everything. You all made this experience to be a GREAT one for my family. Starting from the cheers to the bone chilling breakfast, the dog parade, all the vendors...everything was just AWESOME. My husband enjoyed the beer garden too :-). We were happy to find out that the outcome was a success... double number of racers compared to last year - CONGRATULATIONS. But we must not forget to give a HUGE thank you for you the race directors of this event...you did a wonderful job. Kuddos to you. Definitely see you next year." - Susie


"We had a great time! Thank you for letting us know about it. This was by far the most fun race we’ve been to. Don’t worry - we have already marked our calendars!" - Michael Holtz

"This was a wonderful race associated with excellent weather. The course was relatively flat and accurate.The post race breakfast was out standing. I have run several hundred races in Colorado over the last 25 years.The breakfast was the best I have ever had at any race in the sate." - Ross Westley
"It was so much fun. I really enjoyed the course and the breakfast was FABULOUS! Congratulations on putting on a great race. We’re looking forward to next year already." - Judi Terzotis

"Fantastic race once again! We had so much fun and my golden retriever was exhausted for the rest of the day (not a bad thing!)" - Marilyn Stapleton

"Thank you - we had a great time and will see you next year! I have done a dozen races this year - this was as fun as any and by far the best food." - Chris Harvey

"Thanks for a super fun race!  This race had by far the best breakfast I've ever had at a race!  I was in shock when I saw all my choices!!  And I love that it was so dog friendly!  Thank you!" - Amy Reuscher

"This was just an awesome race and I want to commend you all for a job well done.  This race has the potential of being a State runners' favorite!  The course was great and the breakfast at Embassy Suites was absolutely the BEST I've ever seen (and I've been running for 30 years and am a veteran of over 80 marathons!)  What a great way to celebrate Halloween.  Congratulations on a fantastic inaugural run!!" -  Joanne Harms, Fort Collins Running Club

"I wanted to write and tell you what an AMAZING time we had at the race on Saturday.  The whole event was a blast and so well coordinated that Joe, the kids and I had a great time and we will DEFINITELY be back next year and telling everyone we know (especially families with kids) that this is a great family friendly fun event." - Courtenay Daum

"Just wanted to let you know how much fun my friend and I had at the Phantom 4 Miler on Saturday. Everything was so organized and the post-race festivities were especially awesome.. I have done a few runs and by far, the goodie bags and food especially were the best on Saturday." - Katie Buttermore

"This was a really fun race…except for all the uphill, hehe!  But, I wanted to tell you that the goodie bags were awesome, the t-shirts were so cool, everyone was so nice, and the spread of food was just out of this world!! Thank you for such a wonderful time and I’ll be there next year for sure. This race inspired my husband to run next year because walking did not get him to the food fast enough!" - Amy Stone Note, we have adjusted the course this year, so it will not be uphill :)

"It was a STELLAR event, one of the most fun races I've done this year---and I do a lot.  I'm glad your hard work paid off.   I'd not seen Embassy Suites and think this was GREAT advertising as the place is gorgeous and the food was to die for.  If you have a race next year, I'll be there and sing your praises in advance." - Cathy Morgan